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Oei-Bizen Tachi

A British collector living in Santiago Chile is seeking help to recover a sword that went missing June 2006 on a flight from London to JFK, NY.  He is convinced that it is in the US and very anxious to recover this blade. A reward of $US 1000 for information leading to the recovery of this blade has been offered. 

The blade in question was appraised in London and given probable attribution as an Oei-Bizen tachi in the form of the late Heian period, possibly to one of the "Oei no San Mitsu"

The blade measures 66 cm with 2.7 cm, is koshi sori and has ko-kissaki. The hamon is a very narrow suguha which continues through the boshi and finishes in a small kaeri. The blade is suriage with a mumei nakago showing the sori of the original length and with three mekugi-ana. The blade is not in full polish but good condition with no rust or fatal flaws. It does have two very slight bends through the monouchi. Photos available at the following link.
Please direct contact to Mr. Roger Brotherston at



Iwamoto Konkan Tsuba

This wakizashi-sized tsuba was reported last on view in Japan.  Any information would be appreciated. 

Please direct contact to Mr. Javier Yaji at

Posted 28 May 2005

Update: 2 July 2005
We received notice from Mr. Yaji that the tsuba has been recovered.  He acknowledged the support of and the NCJSC (Northern California Japanese Sword Club) for alerting the community.


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